School Committee

Atlanta Nepali School is operated and managed by committee of all registered student’s parents. This parents committee is fully authorized to coordinate all school related activities.

Parents Committee

  • Parents Committee is made up (father & mother) of all current registered students. There are in average 30+ students enrolled in every semester since 2016.
  • The day to day school activities are managed and operated by Parents Committee and volunteered teachers.

Volunteer Teachers

  • Beenu Kunwar
  • Bishnu Pageni
  • Aleena Bhandari Subedi
  • Sarita Dhungana Aryal
  • Sabita Kunwar

We are always looking for volunteer teacher to organize our classroom in smaller groups so we could teach and monitor our students progress very closely. If you have questions related to Atlanta Nepali School, please contact one of the following coordinators.

School Coordinators

  • Damu Dongol
  • Binod Thapa
  • Kumar KC
  • Raju Thapa
  • Sujata Dongol