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The Bhagavad Saptah Ritual, Kalash, and Sari Online Order

101 Sari was SOLD OUT by 10/14/2023. 

174 of 301 Kalashes order received as of 11/5/2023. Come to receive your kalash on 7th day of saptah (Saturday, Nov 11) from our event venue, Global Mall.


Please note: Kalash is also selling fast. Don’t wait until last minute like you did for sari and missed the opportunity to own the unique piece of history.

The opening of the Saptah week begins with Kalash Yatra on the morning of Sunday, November 5, 2023.

Kalash Yatra is a large procession of ladies (estimated to be at least 101) dressed in identical red and yellow saris with each lady carrying a Kalash filled with water. The procession begins from outside the Saptah venue and is accompanied by several priests chanting mantras. All kalashes are installed on the Saptah mandap (stage) and worshipped for seven days while religious ceremonies are conducted and Bhagavad Katha is narrated every day during the week-long event.

In Hinduism, it would be rare to perform any religious ceremony without a Kalash (कलश). When Kalash is filled with water and worshipped along with the deities or images of Gods and Goddesses, it is believed that success will be achieved for the religious eremony along with its desired results. Three hundred and one (301) copper Kalashes, especially made for the Atlanta Spiritual Event and Bhagavad Saptah, are being brought from Nepal. The following words in Nepali, Atlanta Saptah 2023, is being inscribed on each Kalash. The Saptah will be completed on November 11, 2023 and Kalash will be available to you if you have reserved one (or more) for you.

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